Exotic Hardwood Lumber

groupings of exotic hardwoods

If rare and exotic woods are your thing, come on in! At U-Pick Hardwood Lumber, we have the largest selection of exotic hardwood lumber in the St. Louis area! Whether you want to do inlay work, craft a fancy table, create your own pens or build furniture with exotic hardwood lumber, you will be greatly impressed with the selection we keep in-stock.

Much of our exotic hardwood lumber is ran in an H&M dressing through a sander leaving a 150 grit finish, giving you a true look at what you are getting for grade and figure. Our exotic hardwood lumber is FAS grade and very high yielding!

Exotic hardwood lumber in-stock:

  • Anigre Lumber
  • Bocote Lumber
  • Bubinga Chechen Lumber
  • Chakte Viga
  • Chaket Kok
  • Cocobolo
  • Lacewood
  • Leopardwood
  • African Mahogany
  • Gaboon Ebony (small pieces)
  • Mexican Ebony
  • Honduras Mahogany
  • Rosewood
  • Redheart
  • 4/4 Padouk S2S
  • 4/4 Purpleheart S2S
  • 4/4 Yellowheart S2S
  • 8/4 Sapele S2S
  • 4/4 Tigerwood, S2S
  • 4/4 Wenge S2S
  • 8/4 Zebrawood
  • 4/4 Zebrawood

  • rows of exotic hardwoods

    S3S Exotic Lumber

    S3S lumber is lumber that is surfaced on three sides. One edge is straight ripped and both faces of the lumber are surfaced. This lumber

    S4S Exotic Lumber

    S4S lumber means that it is surfaced on three of the six sides.

    RGH Exotic Lumber

    RGH lumber means that it is NOT surfaced on any sides. It is rough sawn straight from the saw mill.

    Exotic hardwood lumber in St. Louis, MO

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