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Company Background

After 29 years in the hardwood lumber business on a wholesale basis, the great recession forced us to “re-invent” our business model. With the warehouse/office space off of I-364 already owned, a wealth of experience in the hardwood industry that includes being a certified inspector and kiln operator, we thought it might work to bring the best of our supplier base (over 600 mills) to the retail/contractor market. We also incorporated the timber and rescued wood off of our 400 acre family farm outside of Louisiana, MO. giving the product line a personal/local touch.

Low & behold, it has gained traction and we have discovered a new passion. After 29 years of troubleshooting in the wholesale end of things, we actually enjoy working closely with people and their projects, not to mention helping contractors and cabinet makers gain profitability.

Starting with just a few packs of lumber, U-Pick has grown to well over 75000’ of hardwood lumber and hardwood products. Customers tell us we have the areas largest selection of exotic and figured lumber by a long shot! Contractors and cabinet makers tell us they cannot find a better yielding, profit enhancing product!

U-Pick continues to grow with the new product lines of mouldings and hardwood plywood coming this fall. As with lumber, all products will be brought to you with superior quality at a competitive price being the foundation of everything we do! This brought to you with a smile from a safe environment.

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